December 14, 2022

2023 Rose Parade® float showcases 'All of us for all of you'

Kaiser Permanente’s float celebrates the positive effect of personalized next-generation health care on individuals and our communities.

Contact: Stephen Shivinsky

PASADENA, Calif. — Kaiser Permanente’s 2023 Rose Parade® float theme, “All of us for all of you,” celebrates the effect that a connected, compassionate care team supported by research, technology, and innovation, can have on individuals and communities. This theme is depicted through the inspiring stories of the float participants who will ride and walk alongside the float. They are Kaiser Permanente physicians, nurses, and employees, as well as patients from Southern California who have overcome health challenges.

This year, Kaiser Permanente’s 17th annual float entry embodies the 2023 Rose Parade presented by Honda theme, “Turning the Corner.”  The parade theme celebrates the potential that each new year brings as we prioritize health. The 55-foot-long float features a series of real-life vignettes that highlight the ordinary and extraordinary moments made possible by next-generation care:

  • A quiet connection between a member and a nurse
  • A mother cradling her newborn baby
  • A cancer survivor getting back on the bike for the first time

“Kaiser Permanente is committed to caring for patients throughout their health care journey, and keeping our communities healthy with equitable, high-quality care,” said Greg A. Adams, chair and chief executive officer, Kaiser Permanente. “Who we are is reflected in the personalized care we’re working to deliver where, when, and how our members need it based on their unique stories, identities, families, and history.”

In addition to 14 float riders, 6 people will walk alongside the float. They represent Kaiser Permanente’s care team and are a further embodiment of the float’s theme, “All of us for all of you.” The walkers will be joined by participants and instructors from the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles Zumba and group exercise classes. Kaiser Permanente has an extended history with the YMCA, providing ongoing grant support and partnering with the organization on COVID-19 education and vaccination outreach. The YMCA celebrates healthy living and provides programs and services for primarily underserved and diverse communities. The Y’s many health and wellness programs, including its dance and group exercise classes, help community members achieve their healthy lifestyle goals.

Kaiser Permanente is proud to announce its float participants.

The Shih family

  • Stephen Shih, MD, is a general pediatrician at Kaiser Permanente with the privilege of taking care of the overall well-being of young people in the greater South Bay region of Los Angeles. A South Bay native, Dr. Shih recognized his love of science and community service in high school in Palos Verdes, which led him to pursue a career in medicine. Dr. Shih then attended Stanford University, followed by medical school in Nashville, and residency training in pediatrics at UCLA.
  • Erin Shih, DO, is a pediatric endocrinologist at the Kaiser Permanente South Bay Medical Center specializing in hormone imbalances. She cares for children with diabetes and helps manage issues with growth, puberty, and more. Growing up, Dr. Shih was immediately drawn to the career of a pediatrician because she wanted to work with children and help people. She hopes that her participation in the float this year will spread awareness of the many children with type 1 diabetes and all they must do to keep themselves healthy. Dr. Shih leads by example and exercises regularly, drinks lots of water, and avoids fast food.
  • Avery and Aidan Shih are the children of Stephen and Erin Shih. Avery and Aidan participated in the Moderna vaccine trial at the Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center. The clinical trial helped assess the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine for children age 6 months to 12 years as part of the global effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Paola Case, MD, is a family physician at the Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park Medical Center who emigrated from Mexico as a child. Her decision to become a doctor grew out of her passion for serving the underserved, especially in the Latino community. She has been the physician lead for the Center for Healthy Living, spent her weekends at the Latino Diabetes Clinics, and managed Kaiser Permanente’s mobile clinic at a local food processing plant. She co-leads the Hippocrates Circle Program, which encourages young, diverse middle school students to pursue a career in medicine. Dr. Case resides in Downey and aims to be an example for patients — working out regularly, following a wholesome diet, and investing in her mental health through deep breathing and practicing gratitude.

Alyssa Olivares was diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia, or APL, in 2021 at age 16. A patient at Downey Medical Center, she was in the hospital for 18 days and completed 9 months of treatment. In addition to getting treatments 5 days a week at Kaiser Permanente's infusion center, Olivares would also volunteer at the center. She finished her senior year of high school through independent studies, maintaining a 4.0 GPA while undergoing treatment. She is now attending University of California, San Diego. Olivares hopes to represent older teenagers with pediatric cancer and to provide inspiration and comfort. She finds that going on walks and eating greens supports her healthy journey.

Jennifer Yorke, RN, is the director of nursing and perioperative services at the Kaiser Permanente Panorama City Medical Center. Yorke was an emergency room nurse and young vibrant mother with a newborn son when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. With a family history of breast cancer, Yorke underwent early mammogram screening at the age of 30, a critical part of her journey and ultimate survival. After a mastectomy on her right breast, Yorke went through a year of treatment followed by post-treatment monitoring. Unfortunately, 4 years later she felt a lump on her left breast. While the biopsy was negative, she chose to have a mastectomy on her left breast to eliminate any cancer growth. As a result, she went through multiple surgeries for breast reconstruction. Today, more than 10 years in remission, Yorke advocates for awareness and early screenings. She serves as a mentor to women diagnosed with breast cancer at an early age, and volunteers to talk to family, friends, and others diagnosed with breast cancer.

Davy Lin is a chaplain for the Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center, providing spiritual care for patients and their families during hospitalization. He has been with Kaiser Permanente for 20 years and loves both the working environment and his talented co-workers. Lin’s path to becoming a hospital chaplain started at age 24 when he suffered a spinal cord injury from a motorcycle accident and experienced the challenges of being a hospital patient. Lin will be accompanied by his wife, Susana Lin, who is a bookkeeper. They both reside in Temple City.

Fransini Giraldo, RN, started in the Center for Healthy Living at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center as a fitness instructor and has helped numerous members improve health through physical activity, dance, Pilates, and strength training. She is now in a nurse educator position and continues to promote the value of physical activity in improving total health. As a Colombian-born Latina and a first-generation college graduate, she is currently pursuing her doctorate at Samuel Merritt University. Giraldo advocates for equity and access for underserved communities, as well as for bringing people together through music and dance. Giraldo resides in Los Angeles and is a volunteer and board member at the AT Center in Silver Lake, a nonprofit organization for addiction recovery and mental wellness for the LGBTQ+ and allied community.

Victoria Vardanyan received care at the Kaiser Permanente Panorama City Medical Center after being diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer. She completed successful radiation and chemotherapy treatments and was soon cleared to return to work. However, approximately one year later, she began to feel pain in her side and was informed her cancer had returned as a tumor. Encouraged by Kaiser Permanente’s holistic approach to recovery, Vardanyan developed her passions and incorporated the use of energy healing into her treatment process. She let go of her fears and put her trust in the universe. She knows that her experience has not been a punishment, rather a chance to grow and help others in the process. Now Vardanyan helps others understand the universe, cleanse their energy, follow their heart to discover their passion, and live daily as a true testament to who they are and the power they hold within themselves. Vardanyan practices meditation and Qigong, and spends time in nature regularly.

Jerry Barba, PhD, is a clinical psychologist for Kaiser Permanente in Downey, who has been with Kaiser Permanente for 20 years. This will be his second consecutive year as a float participant. When Barba saw the enormous pressure front-line workers were under during the pandemic, he volunteered his time in the emergency department at Kaiser Permanente Downey Medical Center, providing quick interventions and coping tips for front-line workers in need of connection. For Barba, “Turning the Corner” in 2023 offers an opportunity to shed light on the positive and grow from the adversity we’ve faced. Barba eats healthy, spends time outdoors, gardens, plays in a band, and cooks.

Trellis Green, RN, truly embodies what it means to be a servant leader as a department administrator for the Kaiser Permanente Coffee Road Medical Offices and Member Message Center in Bakersfield. Green’s motivation has always been grounded in demonstrating by example. At her core, being a good person and giving back is the center of who she is. Her dedication has provided for a foundation of steady support during a very difficult last two years. Green was steadfast in her support of COVID-19 testing in the community. She worked tirelessly to create an equitable and effective method to provide vaccination to all. In Kern County the African American community is underserved and traditionally hesitant to seek care. Green wants to be that bridge to help her community navigate the health care system as a trusted resource. Green has a passion for volleyball, tennis, traveling, comedy, and family. She is part of the United States Tennis Association women’s team and enjoys playing with friends.

Matthew Enriquez is an avid, athletic volleyball player at Upland High School who at age 16 experienced recurrent headaches. His headaches were caused by obstructive hydrocephalus due to a large brain tumor. He had major debulking surgery at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center, followed by chemotherapy and 6 weeks of radiation. He was left with significant speech impediment, weakness, imbalance, and double vision. Enriquez is an extremely motivated individual and has driven his own path to recovery in an admirable manner. Since he missed his high school graduation due to chemo, his Kaiser Permanente clinical care team in Orange County organized a graduation ceremony for him.

Carmen Bautista is a Kaiser Permanente project manager and lead improvement advisor supporting medical specialties and COVID-19 vaccine efforts in Antelope Valley. Her role provides support to the front-line clinical workers and physicians to help improve productivity, awareness, and communication about patient care. Bautista is proud to contribute to changes that better serve patients and the community. She leads a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and enjoying a healthy diet.

Dina Madden, RN, is an assistant medical group administrator and chief nursing officer leading medical specialties, behavioral health, and nursing services in Kern County. She’s also served as an operations leader at the California State University, Bakersfield mass vaccination site and incident commander during the pandemic. She describes becoming a registered nurse as the best decision she’s ever made and is passionate about going to work every day because she can make a positive difference in someone’s life. Madden believes that as we move to a new normal after this pandemic, we must find a way to take what we’ve learned from the pandemic to heart and create a world where our health is not taken for granted and each life is fully valued. Madden stays healthy by walking, reading, and meditating, and spending time with friends and family.

Elizabeth Hudson, DO, MPH, is the regional physician chief of infectious diseases for  Kaiser Permanente in Southern California, caring for a wide variety of patients with both acute and chronic infectious diseases. From the time she was a little girl, Hudson always knew she wanted to be a doctor. Her dream of working in infectious diseases was solidified in the late 1980s after she volunteered with children who had one or both parents die because of AIDS. To Hudson, “Turning the Corner” means that as a global community we are looking toward a better collective future as we continue to live with and battle COVID-19 and other geopolitical changes. She remains healthy by going to the gym and walking around her neighborhood. Hudson looks forward to shining a spotlight on what we've accomplished, against the odds, and showcasing a hopeful future for all.

Jennifer Rodriguez, MHA, is an equity, inclusion, and diversity project manager based in Downey. After serving in the U.S. Marines, she joined Kaiser Permanente and ensures members receive care in their preferred language at each point on their health journey. In addition to serving in her current role, Rodriguez is a part of the Kaiser Permanente Mental Health Scholars Academy program, working on her second master’s degree — in marriage and family therapy — at Alliant International University. The program has given Rodriguez the opportunity to follow her dreams into a mental health career within the organization. Rodriguez joined the health care field to help others during what may be a vulnerable time for them. She remains healthy by working out, walking on the beach, and practicing yoga. This will be her second consecutive year as a float participant. 

Kham Sayachack is a 19-year Kaiser Permanente employee who was instrumental in implementing the COVID-19 vaccination center at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds, where more than 100,000 Kaiser Permanente members and nonmembers were vaccinated. She has recently returned to her primary role as project manager for surgical services. Sayachack works with multiple departments and teams to create workflows that help the departments become more efficient while still providing affordable and high-quality patient care. Sayachack comes to work every day ready to help in any way. She goes on walks in the neighborhood, exercises at home, and eats healthy meals.

Robert Nocon, PhD, is an assistant professor of health systems science at the Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine in Pasadena. He conducts research studies that help us understand the barriers to accessing quality health care, such as financial issues or challenges with housing or transportation. Nocon loves teaching the school’s wonderful students and using his research to find ways that the U.S. health care system can better serve patients most in need.

Float designer and builder

“All of us for all of you,” Kaiser Permanente’s 17th Rose Parade float entry, was designed and built by Fiesta Parade Floats.

Kaiser Permanente Rose Parade history and background

Kaiser Permanente’s past float entries have received numerous awards, including the Theme Award (2022) for most outstanding presentation of the Rose Parade theme; the Wrigley Legacy Award (2020) for most outstanding display of floral presentation, float design, and entertainment; the Grand Marshal’s Trophy (2016); Judges’ Special Trophy for the most spectacular in showmanship and dramatic impact (2015); Theme Trophy for excellence in presenting the parade theme (2013); Lathrop K. Leishman Trophy for the most beautiful float entry from a noncommercial sponsor (2014, 2012); Director's Trophy for artistic merit in design and floral presentation (2011, 2008, 2006); Extraordinaire Trophy for the "most spectacular" float longer than 55 feet (2010); Tournament Special Trophy for exceptional merit in multiple classifications (2009); and President's Trophy for most effective floral use and presentation (2007).

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