September 16, 2022

Voter participation advances equity

National Voter Registration Day aims to register eligible voters and ensure full representation.

Kaiser Permanente is again supporting National Voter Registration Day, a nonpartisan, national effort to ensure every eligible American is registered to vote for the 2022 general election. 

Assuring everyone has a voice and that their voice is heard is fundamental.

“Assuring everyone has a voice and that their voice is heard is fundamental to our organization, our mission, and the country,” said Greg A. Adams, chair and chief executive officer of Kaiser Permanente.

“Realizing affordable, high-quality health care and keeping our communities healthy requires full and equal representation of the people and families we serve. We must work together to ensure every eligible American is supported in their ability to register and to vote. Exercising this right is an opportunity for us to build a stronger, more diverse, and inclusive democracy that protects and serves us all equally.”

Each year, millions of Americans are unable to vote in national, state, or local elections because they miss a registration deadline, don’t update their registration, or aren’t sure how to register.

Since 2012, dozens of national businesses and nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy organizations have supported National Voter Registration Day through coordinated efforts to register voters and raise awareness of state-specific registration policies, deadlines, and voting information.

To register to vote today, visit National Voter Registration Day.