February 4, 2021

A passion for the practice of cardiology

Dr. Chileshe Price shares her commitment to advancing cardiac care through innovation.

“You have a physical heart and you have an emotional heart, and the 2 are deeply interconnected. It’s part of my job to understand that,” said cardiologist Chileshe Price, MD.

That deep commitment to her patients has been a constant for Dr. Price throughout her career.

One of the efforts she’s most proud of is Kaiser Permanente’s virtual cardiac rehabilitation program. Patients recovering from cardiac events receive a wearable fitness tracker that allows their care teams to remotely monitor their physical activity and heart rate. More than 80% of participants complete the program, compared to a national average of less than 50% for hospital-based cardiac rehab programs.

“We’ve managed to heal and recover people in the home,” said Dr. Price. “This particular program I’ve only been able to do at Kaiser Permanente.”

Learn more about cardiac care at Kaiser Permanente at kp.org/heart.