Risant Health

A transformative solution for health care in America

Risant Health

A transformative solution for health care in America

Improving health care for millions more people

Risant Health is a new nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health of millions of people by increasing access to value-based care and coverage. Geisinger Health is the inaugural health system to join Risant Health. Risant Health and Geisinger share a vision for the future of health care that will raise the bar for value-based approaches and better health for all.

Becoming part of Risant Health will strengthen Geisinger’s ability to enhance its services to its patients, members, and communities across Pennsylvania, while expanding its impact on health care broadly. Through Risant Health, Geisinger and Kaiser Permanente will work together to bring community-based health systems the expertise, tools, technology, and services they need to create superior health outcomes and succeed in value-based care.

This is an innovative model designed to improve the health of communities, achieve better health outcomes, and improve health care affordability.

What is Risant Health?

Risant Health is a nonprofit organization created to expand and accelerate the adoption of value-based care in diverse, multipayer, multiprovider, community-based health system environments across the country.

Risant Health’s vision is to improve the health of millions of people by increasing access to value-based care and coverage and raising the bar for approaches that prioritize high-quality patient outcomes.

The value Risant Health brings to community-based health systems

Growth expertise and resources to allow communities where integrated care and coverage alone can’t succeed to have access to the value-based care they deserve

Convenient, compelling consumer experiences in multiple payer (or insurer) and multiple provider networks

High-quality, nonprofit health care that is connected to the community, with the benefit of being part of a national organization and platform of value-based care resources 

Improved efficiency and affordability through expanded value-based care models, operational scale, financial resources, and shared services

The expertise of like-minded organizations coming together to reshape the national health care landscape

Geisinger Health

We believe Risant Health can deliver a transformative new solution to America’s health care problems. And, given its history in the health care industry, we can think of no better organization than Geisinger Health to be Risant Health’s inaugural health system.

For over 100 years, Pennsylvanians have trusted Geisinger for excellent health care and relied on its health plan for reliable coverage. With experience caring for vulnerable populations in rural and urban communities, Geisinger is committed to providing services that improve people’s health and lives.

As the inaugural health system, this proven leader in value-based care will help build Risant Health's strategy, platform, and operational model. Geisinger will maintain its name and mission and continue to work with other health plans, provider organizations, and independent physicians.

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