August 17, 2023

Beyond clinic walls: Research supporting healthy communities

Stories in the Department of Research & Evaluation 2022 Annual Report demonstrate the global reach of Kaiser Permanente’s medical and scientific investigations.

Michael Flores, participant in an innovative, in-home cardiac rehabilitation program using smartwatches, gets a little extra activity playing with his dog.

Without a doubt, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was profound. Yet, for medical and scientific researchers, it also presented unique opportunities.

In a 2022 annual report, the investigators from Kaiser Permanente’s Department of Research & Evaluation in Southern California share compelling stories that recount the year’s many research highlights.

Far-reaching impact

Kaiser Permanente’s 8 regional research centers share a steadfast commitment to research and discovery that has resulted in findings that impact Kaiser Permanente members and communities — and people far beyond the organization’s footprint. In 2022 alone, the dedicated Kaiser Permanente researchers in Southern California authored over 650 journal articles, all of which were shared with the world through a readily accessible online publications list.

Compelling stories convey research highlights

The inspiring stories in the Research & Evaluation 2022 Annual Report, titled "Beyond clinic walls: Research supporting healthy communities," exemplify the spectrum of our research's impact. This report presents research studies on cancer, cardiovascular disease, the environmental causes of illness, firearms injury prevention, racial disparities in health, and many other topics. Key highlights include:

These and other stories embody the humanity behind our research efforts and their transformative effects on health care.

Our initiatives empower health communities around the world with knowledge that has transformed clinical practices and shaped health guidelines. Explore these and other stories of resilience, hope, and progress that define our journey toward a healthier future in the full Kaiser Permanente Department of Research & Evaluation 2022 Annual Report.