April 2, 2021

Our support for voting rights

A statement from CEO Greg A. Adams on voting rights in America.

For more than 75 years Kaiser Permanente’s mission has been to provide high-quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve. In 1944, Henry J. Kaiser actively encouraged millions of Americans including thousands of Black and disenfranchised voters to exercise their right to vote. He understood that healthy communities depend on a thriving democracy in which participation is actively encouraged, every vote counts, and everyone can feel confident that their representatives have their best interests in mind.

Building upon our legacy and our commitment to total health for all, we believe that all Americans must be supported in exercising their right to vote. This is particularly important for populations that have had to fight to secure those rights, and for individuals who may have difficulty securing access to voting. We urge our elected leaders and policymakers across the country to work to provide greater access to voting, make voter registration easier, and above all ensure full representation of all communities in the voting process.