Our impact in California

News and perspectives on public policy in California

Our impact in California

News and perspectives on public policy in California

Founded in California in 1945, Kaiser Permanente is a nonprofit health plan and provider of care for Californians. We are the largest private employer in the state and a leading voice with health care policy decision-makers. We believe it is important to provide our perspective on complex policy debates and engage the public in these critical issues.

COVID-19 response: As we begin to see signs of hope for an end to the pandemic, Kaiser Permanente remains focused on expanding the availability of COVID-19 vaccines and safely providing testing, treatment and care for patients. We are also focused on urgent policy efforts to preserve care and coverage, and helping to fortify the state’s public health infrastructure. We also continue to take actions to improve health equity and eliminate disparities in health care quality and access, which have been highlighted during the pandemic.

Total health: From promoting equity in education and the workplace and working toward ending systemic racism to supporting policies aimed at preventing youth vaping, helping Californians thrive is core to our mission.

Universal coverage: With 93% of Californians enjoying some form of health care coverage, we believe universal coverage in California is still within reach. We are committed to achieving universal coverage in California by building on the successes of the Affordable Care Act and expanding Medi-Cal to more Californians.

Mental health: We are dedicated to expanding access to mental health and wellness, and addiction medicine services for all Californians, especially in light of the mental health needs resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. A top priority is to recruit and train a more diverse and multi-lingual mental health workforce.

Prescription drugs: We see firsthand how prescription drug prices are increasing at unsustainable rates. We’re taking action to increase transparency and accountability.

Affordability: We are promoting high-quality, coordinated care that creates value and makes health care more affordable.

Kaiser Permanente’s presence throughout California positively impacts the lives of many more people than just our members, physicians, and employees. Through our care, hospitals and medical buildings, community investment, and market-leading compensation, we are a major contributor to the world’s fifth-largest economy. Key statistics include: 

$2.5 billion in charitable and community health investment, including major efforts to help provide shelter and support for California's homeless population, 36 hospitals, largest private employer in California with more California-based employees than Walmart, Amazon and Google combined, 497 medical office buildings, 481,000 direct and indirect jobs, $103 billion plus in economic output.

In California, our more than physicians and employees, including more than 130,500 proud union members, are meeting the moment together to provide extraordinary care to our patients and members.

Kaiser Permanente’s award-winning integrated model of care and coverage allows our physicians to coordinate care with our hospitals, specialists, and other services, so they are all working together to keep patients healthy and provide the best care when it’s needed. With health care, pharmacy, vision, lab, and other services provided together seamlessly our model ensures convenience and affordability. It’s why we’re among the highest-ranked health plans in California.


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