March 22, 2022

NUHW psych-social employees ratify agreement

The agreement between Kaiser Permanente and the NUHW in Southern California ensures high quality mental health care and competitive wages and benefits.

On Friday, March 18, 2022, the National Union of Healthcare Workers announced to Kaiser Permanente that it had ratified a new 3-year contract that ensures continued delivery of high-quality care and service for our members and sustainable marketplace-competitive wages and benefits for our employees represented by the bargaining unit in Southern California.

This new agreement allows Kaiser Permanente and the 1,900 employees represented by the NUHW Psych-Social Chapter to continue working collaboratively to provide high-quality health care that is affordable and accessible. It also contributes to making Kaiser Permanente a best place for our members and patients to receive health care and a best place to work in health care.

Mental health and well-being are essential to total health and this agreement underscores our unwavering commitment to helping our members stay mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy.