January 17, 2024

International recognition affirms our superior care

The Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Medical Center becomes our 11th facility to earn Magnet designation for excellence in nursing.

Our award-winning team from South Sacramento Medical Center celebrates its high honor.

Our South Sacramento Medical Center has earned one of the highest international honors for nursing excellence: Magnet designation.

The recognition was granted by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

Fewer than 10% of health care organizations in the United States have earned Magnet designation.

Eleven of our medical centers in California belong to this elite group. And, all our facilities are working toward this recognition.

Magnet With Distinction

Our South Sacramento Medical Center’s designation comes with an additional honor. Our facility received Magnet With Distinction.

Magnet With Distinction goes to medical facilities that outperform national benchmarks in quality, safety, care experience, and nursing engagement. ANCC introduced this new level of recognition in 2022.

Our South Sacramento Medical Center is the first health organization in the world to receive Magnet With Distinction designation on an initial application. It is the second in the world to receive the honor.

“It’s extraordinary to be a part of the transformational shift that results in a culture of excellence at a Magnet facility,” said Phyllis Doulaveris, senior vice president and chief nurse executive for Kaiser Permanente. “It encompasses everyone at the facility, and the patient is at the center of it all.”

Why Magnet matters

National studies show that medical facilities with Magnet designation are more likely to:

  • Provide superior patient care, quality, and safety
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Grow and be financially stable due to less staff turnover and lower injury rates

“Magnet facilities create a culture of excellence that empowers the entire staff to unite around a vision, achieve shared goals through individual and team performance, lead by example, and celebrate each other’s accomplishments,” said Doulaveris.

Kaiser Permanente facilities with Magnet designation

These are our facilities with Magnet designation:

Magnet designation lasts for 4 years. Medical centers must reapply and go through the rigorous application process, which can take years of work and planning and involves documenting patient care.