March 8, 2023

Named ‘Best Health Insurance Company' of 2023

A member’s cancer journey, which took her from patient to employee, reflects the high-quality, personalized care that earned us a top ranking from

Before Irit Mandelsberg started working in a cancer care department at Kaiser Permanente, she was a Kaiser Permanente member who had cancer. Some might say she found her professional calling thanks to the high-quality, compassionate care she received as a patient.

“Right from the start, I felt comfortable and cared for,” said Mandelsberg.

In 2017, Mandelsberg learned she had an aggressive tumor in one of her breasts. As part of her treatment, she had both her breasts surgically removed — a double mastectomy. She received her care at the Kaiser Permanente Sunnyside Medical Center in Clackamas, Oregon.

The surgery was followed by 6 months of chemotherapy and weeks of daily radiation. Despite the stressful series of life-changing events, Mandelsberg said she felt at peace from the moment she met Tasha McDonald, MD, the radiation oncologist who managed her cancer treatment.

“She had read every line of my chart,” Mandelsberg said. “She knew me as soon as she walked in. I trusted her and felt comfortable with her immediately.”

It’s that kind of personalized care and dedication that recently earned us honors from

Best health insurance company in the nation

smiling woman in hospital bed

Radiation oncology center manager Irit Mandelsberg found her calling after her experience with breast cancer. recently rated Kaiser Permanente the nation’s Best Health Insurance Company of 2023 for customer satisfaction. We also received top marks in’s 2023 health insurance customer survey: We were rated most trustworthy, most likely to be recommended, and best for ease of service. We also tied for best in the nation for our policy offerings.

“This recognition reflects the dedication of all our health care professionals and employees who provide high-quality, compassionate care and service,” said Tom Curtin, senior vice president at Kaiser Permanente. “Our patients benefit from teams of experts who work together to meet each person’s unique needs. They get expert care that’s proven to keep them healthy and world-class treatment if they do get sick.”

Now a member of a cancer care team

As soon as she got healthy, Mandelsberg wanted to give back to the community that treated her so well.

Inspired by her experience, she began working at our Interstate Radiation Oncology Center in Portland, Oregon. Now she’s part of a team that delivers the same high-quality care and service that she received, working with patients undergoing radiation treatments.

“It ignited something that made me want to give back and be a part of a system that delivered that kind of care,” she said. “I feel honored to be a part of this team. I can’t imagine being anywhere else.”

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