June 14, 2023

Living with stage 4 breast cancer

Thanks to personalized care from a team of skilled doctors, Christina McAmis is savoring moments she never thought she’d see.

Watch Christina McAmis’ story of survival and hope.

At age 32, Christina McAmis had a new baby and young twins, and had recently begun law school. Then she found a lump while breastfeeding.

She went to see Claudia De Young, MD, an internist who runs the breast cancer survivorship program at Kaiser Permanente in South Sacramento. After several biopsies, McAmis received her diagnosis: stage 4 breast cancer.

Her case was far beyond the scope of one doctor. A skilled team of surgeons, oncologists, gynecologists, and psychologists worked together to provide the care she needed. Her treatment included chemotherapy and surgery to remove her breasts and ovaries.

Through it all, Dr. De Young was a source of strength for her. “Whether I was dealing with anxiety or side effects, she was there for me,” McAmis recalled.

While Dr. De Young has cared for many patients, she holds a special place in her heart for McAmis. “Christina is a beautiful example of resilience and the power of the human spirit,” she said.

McAmis receives ongoing treatment and support from her care team. She has no evidence of active cancer.