December 6, 2023

Leading research with gratitude

Learn how you can participate in a study to uncover what causes cancer and how to prevent it.

The Connect for Cancer Prevention Study, known as Connect, led by the largest funder of cancer research in the world, the National Cancer Institute, needs your help in supporting research to better understand the causes of cancer and how to prevent it.

Kaiser Permanente member Candace Wengert was recently treated for stage 3 ovarian cancer. Her daughter, Michelle Lackore, a Kaiser Permanente employee in Colorado, joined Connect after learning her mom’s diagnosis may be hereditary. Lackore hopes to help others like her mother by participating in this research study.

Thankfully, Lackore recently reported that her mother is now cancer-free and using her free time to plan vacations with family and friends. Connect participants like Lackore offer valuable contributions to this research and will be part of a community working toward a common goal of learning how to prevent cancer for future generations.

At the close of 2023, the Connect study team thanks everyone who has participated and supported this innovative study. This important research would not be possible without the participation of Kaiser Permanente members and staff. Thank you to everyone who enrolled in the study and joined a community working toward a common goal of preventing cancer.

Kaiser Permanente in Colorado is one of several health care organizations across the U.S. partnering with NCI for this study, and over 3,000 Kaiser Permanente members and employees in Colorado like Lackore have already joined.

To learn more about connect, visit the Connect for Cancer Prevention Study website.