March 7, 2023

For moments when you may not need to see a therapist

Kaiser Permanente provides members with convenient ways to improve their mental well-being.

Wellness apps can benefit anyone — as self-guided self-care or complements to clinical support.

With so many stressors in our world today, everyone could use a little support for their mental well-being. 

At Kaiser Permanente, we recognize this — it’s why we offer members a broad range of self-care resources, including apps, audio activities, articles, and more. 

Self-care apps for your everyday life 

Kaiser Permanente offers a range of mental health care, including individual therapy. But sometimes, you just need a little support to navigate life’s everyday stressors. That’s where self-care apps come in. Calm, Ginger, and myStrength are available to Kaiser Permanente members at no cost to manage stress, reduce anxiety, regain focus, improve sleep, and more.

  • Calm is the number one app for sleep and meditation designed to help lower stress, anxiety, and more.
  • Ginger allows people to have one-on-one text-based chats with an emotional support coach anytime, anywhere. A person can discuss goals, share challenges, and create an action plan with a coach. Support is just a text away.
  • myStrength supports building a personalized plan to strengthen emotional health whenever and wherever needed.

“Kaiser Permanente is committed to our members having access to the mental health care they need,” said Ashley Zucker, MD, child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist, Kaiser Permanente in San Bernardino. “These offerings place immediate self-care options at their fingertips to support their concerns that may not require a clinician.”

Safe, easy, and effective 

Kaiser Permanente believes in evidence-based approaches to meeting Americans’ mental health needs. These self-care apps are thoroughly evaluated by our clinicians. They’re easy to use and proven to be effective; and they’re safe and confidential. 

“Those in need can take a preventive approach to their mental well-being, as early intervention is critical,” explained Dr. Zucker. “The good news is that we have better access to tools like these that support our well-being.”

Learn more about mental health and wellness at Kaiser Permanente by watching KP Candid Conversations with Dr. Zucker.