April 22, 2021

Kaiser Permanente chooses to settle class-action lawsuits

Our statement regarding pay and promotion class-action settlements in California.

As a mission-driven organization — and a nationally recognized equity, inclusion, and diversity leader — we hold ourselves accountable for living our values by strengthening our inclusive culture and expanding our work to address any disparities and their root causes. Across Kaiser Permanente we are increasing our efforts to advocate for fair and just treatment, opportunity, and advancement as well as embedding accountability for equity at all levels of the organization. Kaiser Permanente will continue to promote positive change, equity, and total health for all — inside our organization and within our communities. 

It is because of our commitment to equity and fairness that we have been especially saddened to learn that any employee would feel discriminated against at Kaiser Permanente. While various elements of the lawsuits are subject to dispute, we recognize the importance of listening to and learning from our employees. To that end, we have chosen to work cooperatively with plaintiff groups to settle 2 class-action lawsuits on negotiated terms. 

Kaiser Permanente is proud that we had already begun the important work of reviewing and improving programs and practices to ensure they reflect our commitment to equity, inclusion, and diversity. This moment has given us the opportunity to accelerate the work already well underway to benefit, in particular, approximately 4,800 current and former Black and Latinx employees in California in the administrative support and consulting services job categories. 

Last year we launched a multiyear, action‐focused behavior- and system-change program designed to combat bias, racism, and social injustice further strengthening our culture to ensure all employees feel valued and treated fairly, and share a sense of belonging. 

For more than 75 years, Kaiser Permanente’s mission and values have led us to embrace diversity and pursue equity for our members and patients, our employees and physicians, and the communities we serve. We are proud of our efforts to promote a widely diverse and inclusive workplace at Kaiser Permanente and remain committed to doing even more.