August 31, 2023

Grateful for our employees on Labor Day and every day

Our employees and physicians are the heart of Kaiser Permanente.

As the people of Kaiser Permanente, we are called to serve and work together to meet the needs of those who trust us for their care.

A message from Greg A. Adams, chair and chief executive officer, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals; Maria Ansari, MD, FACC, co-CEO, The Permanente Federation; Ramin Davidoff, MD, co-CEO, The Permanente Federation.

Labor Day gives us another opportunity to thank our employees and physicians for their continued dedication, hard work, and expertise. The commitment of our people has never been more evident, as we work to recover from the pandemic and meet the evolving needs of our members, patients, and communities.

The last 3 years showed us what we can accomplish together and our collective strength as Kaiser Permanente. How we’ve worked together honors our mission to provide high-quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of our members and communities.

Each year, Labor Day honors workers and labor unions for their contributions to our country’s success. This Labor Day we also celebrate the long-standing history Kaiser Permanente has with labor and the many unionized workers who have contributed to our success over nearly 80 years. Together, we continue to address very difficult challenges and find solutions that honor our shared dedication to those we serve.

From our earliest days, unionized workers and the unions that represent them have played an important role in helping Kaiser Permanente achieve our mission. Today, with more than 160,000 union-represented employees, we remain one of the largest unionized workforces in the United States. Union relationships are deeply ingrained in our history, and we are proud of how our historic Labor Management Partnership has helped to create jobs, grow careers, spread workplace innovation, and deliver measurable service, quality, and operational results for 25 years.

We are now in bargaining with the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions. This moment is an opportunity for us to show each other and the industry once again that though we may disagree or have conflict, we are united by our shared mission. We can work through our challenges to align on common goals and reach agreement, just as we have done in every national bargaining since 1999. Together, we will find solutions that help Kaiser Permanente remain a best place to work and receive care.

As the people of Kaiser Permanente, we are called to serve and work together, to face the many challenges in front of our industry, to meet the needs of those who trust us for their care, and to create new opportunities to help our organization succeed. The next few years will be a transformative time for health care, and we are optimistic that our employees and physicians, and our labor partners can work together to define our next chapter.

We are thankful to our people for their hard work to ensure our members and patients get the best of Kaiser Permanente, including the service and quality for which we are known. We believe it is a privilege to work in health care and are grateful to be working alongside each of our employees and physicians as we move into the future together.