2022 Community Health Snapshot

We live our mission every day through our commitment to improving the health of our communities.

2022 Community Health Snapshot

We live our mission every day through our commitment to improving the health of our communities.

Living our mission

In 2022, as the world turned the corner on the COVID-19 pandemic, our community health investments built on partnerships established and lessons learned to improve health for individuals, communities, and the public at large.

Recognizing that individual health includes physical, mental, and social health, we stepped up our efforts to identify social needs in our communities and deepened partnerships to ensure those needs could be met with community resources. We leveraged our voice, our resources, and our community connections to drive changes to the policies, systems, and environments that can drive or thwart good health. We continued to provide financial relief to people in our communities struggling to access and pay for health care. And we advocated for local policies that help millions of people live longer, better lives in vibrant, prosperous cities across the country.

As we put the emergency phase of the pandemic behind us, our support for the nation’s public health system involves redoubling our efforts to improve conditions for health and equity in our communities, and partnering to tackle the most significant health threats of our time — from poverty, hunger, and homelessness to climate change and gun violence.

This work is central to Kaiser Permanente’s mission and demonstrates how we — as an organization — live our values each and every day.

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Bechara Choucair, MD
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Read more about our work

Natasha Moore wearing a protective facemask looking at a bottle of sanitizer.

Donations keep communities ready

We donated over $28 million worth of supplies as part of our community health work in 2021.

Man briefing a group of volunteers wearing face masks outdoors.

Improved public health relies on partnerships

When public health systems work together public health challenges are easier to manage.

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Gun violence is a public health crisis

We must do more to prevent gun violence and educate on its health implications in our society. 

man's hand holding 2 candles for a candlelight vigil

Leadership helps prevent gun injuries

Kaiser Permanente’s new Center for Gun Violence Research and Education announces $1.3 million in grants.

Mother in facemask with infant in lap during exam.

Gun safety can help keep kids safe

Pediatricians discuss safe firearm storage with parents and patients.

Health care scholarship recipient Aleysa Garcia Rivas.

Scholarships support health care careers

Health Equity Scholars Program helps students achieve their dreams of going to college while increasing diversity in health care.

smiling woman standing in front of doorway of house

Rent reporting can help millions build credit

A good credit score can make it easier to buy a home and much more. Ensuring renters get credit for on-time payments can help.

Happy Latin American family saving money in a piggybank

Connecting people to financial coaching

Money matters can affect a person’s physical and mental health. With $2.5 million, we’re aiming to help.

Asian woman with a mask on hold a business is open sign

Grants help AAPI communities

We partner to address  negative effects of racism and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Restaurant workers standing in front of counter.

Small businesses thrive during COVID-19

Kaiser Permanente grants are supporting businesses such as the Carefree Bar and Grill in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Downtown street

Our goal to double affordable housing

Landmark social impact investment fund increases to $400 million to extend our efforts to improve community conditions.

Group of people standing in front of Casa Aliento, a housing community.

Ending homelessness in California

With a new $1.5 million grant, we’re supporting cities and organizations in their efforts to increase safe, affordable housing.

man seated in wheelchair

Homeless and sick: Offering vital care

We’re supporting centers that offer short-term care and housing for people experiencing homelessness, illness, or injuries.

A school employee looks over paperwork at desk

Strengthening our support for educators

We send gratitude to the dedicated people working in schools during these challenging times.

A group of kids are high-fiving

Secrets from America's Healthiest Schools

Winning schools share their tips for achieving wellness and educational goals.

Group of people doing yoga in the park.

Denver earns an overall gold medal

CityHealth recognizes Denver for its leadership in supporting policies to help residents lead healthier lives.

Boy sweating on a hot day

Relief during dangerous temperatures

Innovative outreach helped our members during extreme heat in the Pacific Northwest.

Exterior shot of San Diego Medical Center at night

Decarbonizing the health care sector

Kaiser Permanente joins Health and Human Services and other industry leaders at White House pledge event.

Volteer hands off grocery bag

Colorado wildfire relief

Our $500k contribution helps the people of Boulder County who were affected by the fires.

2 women greeting each other in a doorway to a home

Social health resources are just one step away

Our Community Support Hub can help members find community resources to address their total health.

Joyce Bigelow standing in front of her home.

Good health requires more than health care

Our community resource directory connects patients and members to resources that improve total health.

Grandmother, mother and granddaughter at a table stringing green beans

Improving nutrition, advancing health

$50 million Food Is Medicine commitment by Kaiser Permanente advances health equity.