Summer salsa at Macy's San Francisco

Contributed by Preston Maring, MD

Summer salsa at Macy's San Francisco

To welcome June last Saturday, I had the good fortune to cook with a colleague from Kaiser Permanente San Francisco in the demonstration kitchen at the San Francisco Union Square Macy's. 

Dr. Leah Klinger is a primary care physician leader at her hospital and loves good food. It was a great opportunity for us to talk about good food, good health, and good taste while having fun in the process. About 40 people stayed with us for an hour - rather than basking in the 75 degree sunshine outside - and they seemed to enjoy what Leah and I prepared for them.

Dr. Klinger and I used a basic tomato salsa recipe from this blog and also made a big bowl of mango guacamole to celebrate good taste and healthy fats.  We passed a plate with salsa, mango guacamole, and good supply of organic blue corn tortilla chips to each of the members of the audience.  

Make a big bowl of this salsa and use on beans and rice, on a baked potato, or on a spicy tofu scramble with lots of veggies.  Our salsas will get even better as we come to the peak of tomato season.

I also found out I have been doing mangoes a disservice. I've been peeling them and then trying to manage cutting the flesh off the pit despite the slipperiness of the fruit. A woman from the audience was politely quiet during the event and then told me after I had it all wrong. She simply leaves the peel on the mango, cuts the flesh off of each side of the pit, scores the flesh and slides a knife along the inside of the skin. Sounds easy. I learn something new every time I do an event.