October 8, 2018

Sage’s baby steps toward health

Born nearly 4 months early, baby Sage received expert care from the neonatal intensive care team at Kaiser Permanente.

Progress is measured in baby steps in the neonatal intensive care unit at Kaiser Permanente’s Downey Medical Center, where babies who need specialized support receive care.

That’s where Sage Lee Carlisle spent the first 7 months of his life, when he was born nearly 4 months early. Sage weighed just 1 pound and 11 ounces, and as his health improved, his parents and care team celebrated each milestone.

“Just the other day, we were able to walk away from the bed without any ports and hold him like a normal baby. That was awesome,” said his mom, Crystal.

A team of experts

Sage’s care team included neonatologists, respiratory therapists, NICU nurses, neonatal nurse practitioners and other specialists. They worked together to care for the tiny infant around the clock.

“When we couldn't be here, (we knew) he was in good hands,” said Sage’s dad, Scottie. “I feel blessed.”

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