Heather D’Eliso Gordon, RD

Heather D’Eliso Gordon, RD, CSSD, has worked within the Health Education Department at Kaiser Permanente San Francisco since 2007. As the nutrition health coach for Kaiser Permanente San Francisco, she brings her skills as a registered dietitian with certificates in culinary plant-based nutrition and sports nutrition.

This entails working one-on-one with our members and patients to bring about change in their eating and lifestyle habits. The best parts of her job include reviewing cooking methods, recipes, meal planning, and nutrition tips and concepts, as well as helping people fuel for performance.  

D’Eliso Gordon also develops curricula and delivers presentations in the community, and to our members, physicians, and employees. Her passion for being a registered dietitian includes a love of good food and sharing it with her family, friends, and all who cross her path.

You can read more about her at My Doctor Online or Kaiser Permanente San Francisco’s Health Education Department homepage.