Benjamin Maring, MD

Ben Maring is a physician at Kaiser Permanente's Oakland Medical Center. After college, he spent many years pursuing passions outside of the medical field (cooking and nutrition). However, he was drawn back to the practice of medicine by a desire to develop life-long therapeutic relationships with his patients. There is not a day that goes by that he is not thankful for the opportunity to interact with and provide quality medical care to the wonderfully diverse population of Oakland.

Dr. Maring grew up nearby in neighboring Berkeley. He attended UC Berkeley for undergraduate studies, then spent many years in New York City, where he went to culinary school and spent time in professional kitchens.

Food and nutrition continue to be passions of his; he believes in the impact of a good home-cooked meal, both on the soul and on long-term health.

He currently lives in Oakland, where he enjoys exploring the farmers markets, walking through the diverse neighborhoods, taking care of his daughter, and preparing meals for friends and family.