May 29, 2019

Molly Young: Singer, teacher, survivor

Top doctors and coordinated care helped 29-year-old focus on singing — and beating breast cancer.

Molly Young sees her life with remarkable clarity. “The purpose of my life is to be a singer and to give that gift to other people,” said the musician and teacher.

In February 2017, her life took an unexpected turn. Young had recently joined Kaiser Permanente and had her first appointment with her new doctor.

“I showed her a lump that I had found in my right breast,” she recalled. “I found out the next day it was breast cancer.”

As Young struggled to make sense of her new reality, she took comfort in having a team of specialists focused on her care.

“Everybody was in one spot, and I really did feel like I had this team. I have an oncologist and a surgeon and a radiation oncologist and a clinic coordinator. … Every single one of them has been compassionate and incredibly warm,” Young said.

Joy in her darkest hour

Kaiser Permanente’s coordinated approach was another plus. “I have heard horror stories from patients who are not only fighting cancer but they’re also having to be the go-between with their insurance company and the hospital and the doctor. Having all of that guesswork being lifted off me has helped me focus on just getting better.”

Looking back on her experience, Young is grateful for the care she received.  

“I felt from day one, in the darkest time of my life, I could still laugh, and I could still have joy, and I could still be myself, thanks to Kaiser Permanente.”