May 4, 2020

How will COVID-19 affect your pregnancy?

Find tips for keeping yourself and your baby safe, and learn about changes to maternity care designed to minimize the spread of the coronavirus.

A month after the birth of her twins during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kelly Chimento is adapting to life as a new mom.

Pregnant for the first time, Kaiser Permanente employee Kelly Chimento was eagerly awaiting the birth of her twins when she began hearing about a virus called COVID-19. As the number of confirmed cases increased, her mind raced with questions: Were she and her babies at risk? And how would her birth experience be affected by the pandemic?

Many expectant mothers have questions about the potential impact of COVID-19 on their pregnancy and maternity care experience. Hear from Elena Martinez, MD, a Kaiser Permanente ob-gyn, in this video about how pregnant women can reduce the risk of getting COVID-19.



To address these concerns, we’ve also added a new page to at The new page includes videos on additional topics such as protecting your newborn from COVID-19 and breastfeeding safety for moms who have COVID-19. Videos are also available in Spanish.

Kaiser Permanente members can also get information about possible changes to their maternity care designed to minimize the spread of the coronavirus. Changes include the use of virtual appointments when possible, and limitations on visitors during prenatal appointments, labor and delivery, and the hospital stay.

Back home, happy and healthy

Chimento’s twin boys were born by cesarean section in late March. To prevent exposure to COVID-19, only one visitor, her husband Scott, was allowed in the postpartum unit, so they had plenty of time to bond with their newborns and start settling in as a family.

“The hospital staff went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable during this strange time,” she said.

Now back at home, the babies are thriving. “They’re one month old, and I'm crying on the inside about how fast time is flying,” Chimento said. “We couldn't be happier to have them here healthy and happy.”

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