September 13, 2021

When it comes to mammograms, ‘waiting is the hardest part’

A Kaiser Permanente initiative to provide speedy results helps put members at ease.

In this video, cancer survivor Ann Bevans shares how receiving timely mammogram results improved her care experience.

Over 10 years ago, Ann Bevans was diagnosed with breast cancer. While she’s been cancer-free since her initial treatment, waiting for the results of her annual mammogram is still a “harrowing experience” for the musician and mother.

“With cancer, the waiting is always the hardest part,” she said.

Helen Schneider, MD, a radiologist with Kaiser Permanente in Maryland, recognized that waiting for test results was a source of anxiety for patients like Bevans. She and her team launched a program that provides mammogram results in an hour or less.

Bevans immediately appreciated the difference.

“It was only 45 minutes between the test and the result, signed by my oncologist, letting me know that everything was okay,” she said.

Learn how Kaiser Permanente’s commitment to preventing cancer — and treating it quickly and effectively when it occurs — is improving survival rates and reducing disparities in cancer outcomes.