February 11, 2021

Putting collaboration at the heart of cardiac care

DeeAnn Rivera, MD, appreciates Kaiser Permanente’s team approach to caring for cardiac patients.

Dr. Rivera explains how Kaiser Permanente’s members and clinicians benefit from connected care in this video, filmed before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“What I enjoy about working at Kaiser Permanente is that everybody comes together as a team,” said cardiologist DeeAnn Rivera, MD. “We have a collaborative approach, where I know that my patients are going to have care and follow-up that is appropriate and well-integrated.”

That approach is essential in dealing with complex cardiac cases like Linda Tapia’s. When the fit and active mother of 2 came to the emergency room with symptoms resembling a heart attack, Dr. Rivera was able to quickly consult with an interventional cardiologist to confirm what she suspected: that Tapia had a tear in one of her coronary arteries. With the support of a team of experts, Tapia received the right care at the right time and has fully recovered.

“I love seeing a patient walk back into my clinic after I’ve seen them in the hospital, and they are back to leading their lives, enjoying their friends, their family, and they’re living their life to the fullest,” Dr. Rivera said.

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