June 22, 2023

Employee joined Connect study after bloodwork results

Help change the future of cancer prevention by joining Connect today.

Candace Wengert undergoing chemotherapy.

Kaiser Permanente is one of 9 health care organizations throughout the U.S. partnering with the National Cancer Institute for the Connect for Cancer Prevention Study, known as Connect. It will be one of the largest cancer prevention studies of our time.

Michelle Lackore, a community health project coordinator for Kaiser Permanente in Colorado, and a Kaiser Permanente member, shares her personal story about why she joined Connect. It began when her mom received a cancer diagnosis.

Michelle Lackore and her 2 boys, Owen and Liam, supporting Grandma through her cancer journey.

Michelle Lackore and her 2 boys, Owen and Liam, supporting Grandma through her cancer journey.

“My mom was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer,” said Lackore. “It was scary news for my mom and our family. Mom has been very active all her life and cancer wasn’t something that we expected.”

Lackore’s mom, Candace Wengert, has been a Kaiser Permanente Medicare Advantage member for nearly 9 years. Wengert chose Kaiser Permanente as her Medicare provider because she used to be a member and appreciated the quality of care and the convenience of everything being in one place. 

“I’ve felt continued gratitude watching Kaiser Permanente in action, taking such great care of my mother,” Lackore said. “We knew we were in good hands with Julia Rose Embry-Schubert; MD. She’s absolutely amazing. We are very grateful for her and Mom’s entire care team.” 

Because Wengert had stage 3 ovarian cancer, they performed a hysterectomy and began chemotherapy. The surgery was very successful and she’s now at the end of her chemotherapy treatments. “Although chemo takes its toll, Mom is doing very well and staying strong. She’s fighting to be around to watch her grandsons grow up.”

Lackore said that her mother’s Kaiser Permanente care team has left no stone unturned. After extensive testing on Mom, they discovered a possible hereditary condition. Wengert encouraged her son and daughter to also get genetic testing done. Lackore’s bloodwork showed similar results as her mother’s and consequently was referred to the Connect study. She signed up immediately and hopes to help others through this research. 

Kaiser Permanente needs your help: Join the Connect for Cancer Prevention Study

Like Lackore, most of us know someone who has been affected by cancer. Now is your chance to help researchers better understand the causes of cancer and how to prevent it. More than 1,500 Kaiser Permanente members in Colorado have already enrolled in one of the largest cancer prevention studies of our time.

If you are between the ages of 40 and 65 with no history of cancer, please join fellow Kaiser Permanente members and employees in this innovative research.

Connect wants to enroll 19,000 Kaiser Permanente members in Colorado and follow them over time to learn how different factors affect health. They need people from all backgrounds to join Connect so the health discoveries can benefit everyone. 

Participants will answer online health surveys a few times each year. They donate blood, urine, and saliva at enrollment and every 2 to 3 years thereafter. They also allow access to their medical records so the information can be used for research. Participants will receive $25 after completing the first survey and donating a blood sample.

How is your privacy protected?

Your privacy is valued and steps are taken to protect all personal information shared. Any information that identifies a participant is replaced with a unique number for protection.

Join Connect today and help change the future of cancer prevention.