February 5, 2020

Leading mental health conversations on a global stage

Chairman and CEO Greg Adams and Don Mordecai, MD, discuss the future of youth mental health at the World Economic Forum.

Rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide among teens and young adults have increased dramatically since 1999. Government agencies, public health services, and local communities have struggled to find ways to respond. That’s why Kaiser Permanente partnered with TIME to host a conversation at the 2020 World Economic Forum.

Kaiser Permanente Chairman and CEO Greg Adams, and Don Mordecai, MD, national leader for mental health and wellness at Kaiser Permanente, joined some of the most prominent mental health experts from around the globe for a solutions-oriented conversation centered on young people and mental health. In this video, featuring influential young voices from the world of mental health advocacy, the group also heard about the power of openly discussing mental health and realizing you’re not alone.