June 21, 2018

Murals use power of art to fight stigma

In 2016 Kaiser Permanente launched Find Your Words, a public health awareness effort focused on reducing the stigma around mental health and encouraging people to create a culture of acceptance and support by talking about it.

One way to do that is through the healing power of art.

Three cities across Colorado are displaying murals to encourage people to think, talk and speak up. In downtown Denver, bold messages remind passerby’s that “You Matter,” “You Are Brave” and “You Are Enough.”

A Colorado Springs mural carries an equally powerful message that “We Are In This Together.” That mural and the one in Denver were originally unveiled in October 2017.


Local artist Mike Fudge teamed up with Kaiser Permanente to complete the “We Are In This Together” mural.

The massive 300-foot mural was designed by local artists Mike Fudge and members of the Creature’s Crew. Fudge and Creature’s Crew worked with local youth from the Pueblo Boys and Girls Club and the Daisy Club-Pueblo Pro Bono Mental Health Program, who pitched in to paint a 100-foot section of the mural.

Like in Colorado Springs, the third mural features the affirmation “We Are In This Together,” to assure those seeking help — either for themselves or a loved one — that they’re not alone.

For more information on mental health, depression and how to talk about it, please visit FindYourWords.org.