December 22, 2020

Don't share your air

California hospital systems plead with public during press conference about surge in patients with COVID-19.

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise at alarming rates and the number of ICU beds continues to dwindle, 3 California health systems held a statewide virtual press conference to ask Californians to take stringent precautions during this holiday season.

In conjunction with the California Health and Human Services Agency Secretary, Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health, and Dignity Health issued a prescription for Californians to avoid spreading the virus during the holidays: Don’t share your air.

In order to lower the chances of catching or spreading the virus, the recommendation is to:

Keep it covered 
Cover your nose and mouth. And if you can’t stay covered, back away from others. 

Keep it moving
If you gather, aim for outside. If you are inside, take precautions such as opening windows or using air purifiers. Fresh air movement helps dilute virus particles.

Keep it short

Keep your time with others short and your distance long for in-person interactions. 

A video featuring front-line workers across the 3 hospital systems was shown to highlight what they’ve been experiencing during the pandemic and how the surge is impacting the care they provide.

Hospital system leaders stressed that while hope is on the horizon in the form of COVID-19 vaccines, no one can let their guard down, and everyone has a role to play in stopping the spread. They urged the public to keep doing the things that work and save lives — wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, avoid gatherings, and keep your distance from others.