Serving communities in Solano and Napa counties

Kaiser Permanente’s Napa-Solano service area includes Napa and Solano counties and is served by the Vallejo and Vacaville medical centers.

In addition to providing health care and coverage for people with low incomes, Kaiser Permanente’s community investments include grants, sponsorships, in-kind donations, and volunteerism.


In 2019, Kaiser Permanente Napa-Solano provided support to over 40 organizations that improve access to care and coverage, healthy eating and active living, mental health and wellness, and community and family safety.

At this time, the Kaiser Permanente Napa-Solano service area is accepting new grant applications by invitation only.

Community Health Needs Assessment

Please note that 2020 is the first year of funding dedicated to addressing the health needs and strategies identified in the 2020–2022 Community Health Needs Assessment and some of the health needs and strategies have changed from the prior cycle. To view the Community Health Needs Assessment for each Kaiser Foundation Hospital, please visit Kaiser Permanente Community Health Needs Assessments.

Community Benefit Year-End Reports

At Kaiser Permanente, we believe in using the full range of our organization’s assets to improve the health of the communities we serve. We regularly gather data and seek input from our community partners and members to inform our investments and to guide the development of strategies that can make long-term, sustainable change and improve health. We are pleased to share our 2020 Community Benefit Year-End Reports for Kaiser Foundation Hospitals in Vallejo and Vacaville, which summarize our efforts and highlight specific strategies and resources we deployed to respond to the prioritized health needs in those communities.


We partner with community-based organizations on events and activities promoting prevention and wellness, education, economic and workforce development, and corporate and environmental stewardship.

To learn more about our sponsorship program, please see our sponsorship program guidelines or visit In the Community.

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For grants:

Hannah Cordero Chen, MPH
Community Benefit Manager

Kara Links
Contributions Operations Specialist

For sponsorships:

Kara Links
Contributions Operations Specialist