Community Health Needs Assessments

Community Health Needs Assessments

At Kaiser Permanente, we believe in using the full weight of our organization’s financial, technical, intellectual, and clinical assets to help communities realize total health — mind, body and spirit.

Our Community Health Needs Assessments guide our investments and inform our business decisions. They are critical tools that help us identify and measure community needs and assets, which lets us better tailor our engagement with communities and use our organizational resources to further community health at every opportunity.

We use local data with information from our CHNA Data Platform and input from our community partners to help us understand our communities’ needs and the best way to respond to them. Our assessments place a heavy emphasis on how the social determinants of health — including poverty, exposure to violence, and lack of access to health-related resources such as affordable housing, healthy food and transportation — are affecting the health of our communities.

Each of the 2019 Community Health Needs Assessments below provide valuable information about the communities we serve. These reports are accompanied by Implementation Strategies that lay out the concrete steps we are taking to respond to the health needs identified by our communities. Implementation Strategy reports to be posted in spring 2020. Assessments are conducted every 3 years (links to the 2013 and 2016 assessments can be found below). 

We welcome feedback on these assessments. For more information or to provide feedback on any of the CHNA reports, please email


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