Caring for communities

Our community benefit program focuses on:

  • evidence-based medicine
  • vulnerable populations
  • education
  • public policy

We also offer education and training programs for physicians, nurses, and other health professionals, and provide grants, equipment, and volunteer hours to community organizations.

Kaiser Permanente Hawaii events and sponsorships

Since our founding over 50 years ago, our social mission has been to improve the health of our communities. Thus, Kaiser Permanente Hawaii offers unique opportunities to nonprofit organizations and state and county programs to request sponsorships. All requests should be submitted with a completed Sponsorship form.

Funding limitations

Kaiser Permanente Hawaii is prohibited from participating in partisan political activity. Kaiser Permanente will generally not consider funding requests for the following: Golf tournaments, sports teams, individuals, religious purposes, endowments or memorials. Kaiser Permanente will not participate in events or activities sponsored by alcohol or tobacco corporations or organizations which promote their use.

Community Health Initiatives/CHI HEAL

Educational Theatre Programs

Kaiser Permanente's Educational Theatre Program is provided free of charge to schools and community organizations. Programs are usually performed on school campuses and are open to the public.

Topics covered in the Educational Theatre Program include:

  • health and nutrition
  • AIDS and HIV
  • safety
  • alternatives to violence
  • coping skills
  • substance abuse
  • self-esteem
  • coping with peer pressure

Young professional actors/educators, reflecting the cultural diversity of communities participating in the programs, play characters confronted by the same problems and issues student audiences face.

Safety Net: Caring for those in Hawaii

Our community partnerships help address the widely varying health care and social needs of the different areas we serve, which range from rural communities to major metropolitan areas.

Services offered include medical aid to the indigent and uninsured, shelter to the homeless, and asylum to women escaping domestic abuse..

Care and coverage

Collection and Financial Assistance Policy

We help uninsured members of our communities receive care through our our medical financial assistance programs, partnerships with community clinics and public hospitals, participation in government programs, and charity care programs.

To assist those least able to pay, our programs put in place procedures that:

  • will not place a lien on any patient's primary home
  • will not take legal action for nonpayment of medical bills against any person who informs Kaiser Permanente Hawaii of unemployment or lack of income
  • will offer financial counseling through our Medical Financial Assistance Program (MFAP) to determine if a patient is eligible for public assistance or Kaiser Permanente financial assistance
  • will discount charges for medically necessary services to a level comparable to either Medicare rates or the rates paid by Kaiser Permanente members for uninsured persons who show that their income is at or below 400 percent of the federal poverty guidelines

You may pick up a Medical Financial Assistance Program (MFAP) application at any Kaiser Permanente facility.

Develop and disseminate knowledge

We are dedicated to improving health care through research programs, education, and training the health care providers of the future. Our efforts include:

  • sharing health care with underserved populations
  • targeting health care for adolescents
  • preventing infectious disease
  • supporting domestic violence prevention

On a national level, Kaiser Permanente's Institute for Health Policy works to increase understanding of key health policy issues. The Institute's goal is to provide balanced information useful to policy makers, researchers, analysts, and others who shape health care policies.