Increasing health access

Increasing health access

We believe that everyone has a right to good health.

Ensuring health access means serving those most in need of health care through Medicaid, medical financial assistance, charitable health coverage, and other forms of subsidized care and coverage. It also means connecting people with wrap-around social services, healthy meals, affordable homes, safe playgrounds, and supportive schools.

Subsidized care and coverage

For many low-income people without access to health care coverage, or for those who lose their jobs and can’t maintain health care coverage, an emergency room is often the only place they receive care.

At Kaiser Permanente, we’re working to change that with programs that lower financial barriers by providing deeply subsidized health coverage and medical financial assistance for care. We also provide information about how to access and qualify for public programs such as Medicaid and financial assistance through the marketplace to individuals who may be eligible.

Safety-net partnerships

Kaiser Permanente is committed to building partnerships with the institutions that serve on the front lines of health care for the uninsured and underserved, often referred to as the health care “safety net.

Through grants, training, and technical assistance, we’re working with safety-net hospitals and health centers to help these institutions reach people in our communities who are low-income, uninsured, or under-resourced.