Our impact

Our impact

Our status as a mission-driven nonprofit organization sets us apart from other health plans and allows us to live our mission.

We remain dedicated to supporting the full continuum of health and helping make the healthy choice the easy choice for our members and Coloradans in the communities we serve. Every year is a new opportunity to deliver on our promise because we care about Coloradans’ total health — physical, behavioral, emotional, social, and financial.

We’re committed to investing in our communities to improve the conditions for health and equity and to help Coloradans meet their daily needs. 

$1 billion    

provided in community support from grants to volunteer work in the past 10 years

$100 million

invested in community health support, partnerships, programs, and charitable care and coverage in 2023

$14 million

invested from our donor-advised fund with The Denver Foundation in 2023

Our Kaiser Permanente in Colorado Community Health snapshot highlights some of our community health support.

We’re proud that 65 million people living in communities we serve are among the healthiest in the nation. Our progress is a result of collaboration with community partners and leaders in neighborhoods, schools, health systems, and workplaces to build hands-on programs, change physical environments, advance policy initiatives, and further education.