Financial conflicts of interest

Transparency is the hallmark of an ethical research organization.

We disclose any involvement our researchers or their immediate family members may have with a study’s sponsors. Compliance with federal regulations and institutional policies concerning conflicts of interest is essential.

When we determine that one of our investigators involved in federally funded research has a significant financial interest, as defined in the federal regulations and our Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research policy, and that this significant financial interest meets the definition of a financial conflict of interest, details are reported to the federal government. In addition, we make certain details available to the general public.

The following are details of financial conflicts of interest that we’ve reported to the federal government. The information is current as of February 28, 2024, and is subject to updates on at least an annual basis and within 60 days of identifying a new financial conflict of interest.

Investigator's name  Sona Dimidjian 
Investigator's title and role Subrecipient investigator, University of Colorado Boulder
Entity in which the significant financial interest is held MindfulNoggin
Nature of the significant financial interest Equity interest: Non-publicly traded entity
Dollar range of the significant financial interest 100,000 to $150,000

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