About our research

We make discoveries that improve health and well-being for all.

About our research

We make discoveries that improve health and well-being for all.

If you or someone you love has cancer, a heart condition, diabetes, or a mental health condition, you’re not alone. These are critical health issues facing our communities.

Researching these issues — and many more — is a key way we strive to improve the health of our communities.

Our researchers focus on better understanding health risks and improving treatments. We share our findings broadly, so they can help improve care for everyone, not just our members.

Better data, better research

We are uniquely positioned to conduct research due to our large member base and powerful electronic health record.

Our membership of 12.6 million people is diverse and spread out over 8 states and the District of Columbia. Our electronic health record allows our researchers to track many of the same members’ health over years and even decades. 


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Key areas of focus

Reporting financial conflicts of interest

As an ethical research organization, we know it’s vital to be open and honest about any potential conflicts of interest among our researchers. We disclose any involvement that our researchers or their immediate family members may have with a study’s sponsors according to federal regulations and institutional policies.