Our impact

Our impact

Kaiser Permanente community health programs are critical to helping people experiencing health inequities in our region access health services and find the supports they need to thrive in their communities. We are proactive about listening and responding to what residents of our communities need to be healthy, addressing the clinical, genetic, social, economic and environmental factors that affect their health.

Our community health efforts are more than dollars spent; they articulate our commitment to improving health through community partnerships and collaboration. They describe everything we bring to the table to improve the health and well-being of our members and communities. Community health is not the work of just one department or team, but of our entire organization.

Community Health Needs Assessment

In order to better understand the needs and resources of each community we serve, we regularly conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment. This process not only informs our community investments, helping us make long-term, sustainable change, but it also allows us to deepen the strong relationships we have with partner organizations and holds us accountable to our mission as we work together to improve community health.

Community Health Snapshot

In our 2018 Community Health Snapshot, you can read about the stories and numbers that illuminate the impact Kaiser Permanente is having in our Northwest Region.

Grants and sponsorships

At Kaiser Permanente Northwest, we cultivate thoughtful partnerships with local organizations that align with our mission and promote the mental, physical, social, and emotional well-being of people in northwestern Oregon and southwest Washington. Many of these partnerships are created through our grants and event sponsorships that support vital community programs and services and address issues that affect the overall health of the community.

Community engagement and volunteerism

We believe that being engaged in our communities enables us to better care for people’s health. Our community engagement efforts seek to strengthen the vital work of community nonprofits and promote goodwill within the community. We know that when we listen and share stories and ideas, we can bring about innovative new solutions to the challenges we face.

Kaiser Permanente employees, physicians, and dentists are actively involved in giving back and shaping their communities for the better. Our programs give staff opportunities to connect to the causes they care about and to get involved — be it through annual giving campaigns, volunteerism, nationally recognized days of community service, or leadership on community nonprofit boards.