Our impact

Our impact

Kaiser Permanente’s work has always been about improving health both inside and outside the walls of our hospitals and medical offices. By looking at the full picture of health, we’re not just providing health care — we’re tackling real-world challenges to ultimately create better health outcomes for more people.

Community Health Needs Assessment

Our Community Health Needs Assessments guide our investments. They are critical tools that help us identify and measure community needs and assets, which lets us better tailor our investments in, and engagement with, communities. Authentic community engagement is an integral part of our Community Health Needs Assessment process and is one way we demonstrate our commitment to equity.

Measurement and evaluation

Our vision at Kaiser Permanente is for our communities to be the healthiest in the nation. To that end, we are committed to pursuing a deep and rigorous understanding of the impact of our community health efforts. We monitor the health status of our communities and track the impact of our many initiatives on an ongoing basis. And we use our measurement and evaluation data, and information gathered through our Community Health Needs Assessments, to improve the effectiveness of our work and demonstrate our impact.

Community Health Snapshot

As a mission-based, not-for-profit organization, we have the responsibility and the opportunity to look at the bigger picture and touch more lives. We’re going a step further to integrate community, care, and coverage in the pursuit of health. Our scale and permanence in communities mean we have the resources and relationships to make a real impact. Through these efforts, highlighted in our Community Health Snapshot, we help people live the lives they want to live.

Charitable contributions

Since 1945, Kaiser Permanente has invested in community health through a variety of means. Among those investments are the charitable contributions we make to nonprofit, community-based organizations to meet the objectives that we share around community health access and equity.

You can find more information about grant eligibility, grantmaking priorities, and the geographic areas that we provide charitable contributions to by accessing MOSAIC, our online application and management platform.