Kaiser Permanente Washington is dedicated to creating better health in communities through a legacy of caring, innovation, excellence, equity and inclusion.

Creating healthy communities

At Kaiser Permanente, our mission is to provide high-quality, affordable health care and improve the health of our members and the communities we serve. Our definition of health includes physical, mental and emotional, or — more simply put — total health. We stand for total health for all.

Total health goes beyond the doctor’s office. It goes deep into our communities, and promotes health where people live, work, learn, and play.

This commitment benefits not only our 670,000+ members, but also more than 6 million people living across Washington in the areas we serve. We’re investing our time, expertise, and resources, including funding opportunities such as grants and sponsorships, to help create healthy and sustainable communities, focusing on areas with the most pressing needs.

Building blocks for health

Kaiser Permanente’s work in Washington communities is tied to advancing health equity — giving all people an equal chance for a healthy life and addressing social and economic factors that can contribute to health. Our approach includes collaborating to create:

  • Healthy environments
  • Economic and educational opportunities
  • Access to healthy food
  • Options for safe physical activity

Getting care to people who need it

Kaiser Permanente also works closely with safety net clinics and organizations, supporting efforts to provide care for people who don’t have insurance or have difficulty accessing health care services.

Our own programs work to remove financial barriers, providing financial assistance for care at Kaiser Permanente medical offices. We also provide around $32 million in care through Medicaid, serving about 25,000 patients in our region. Kaiser Permanente’s mission of improving the health of our communities is further brought to life by physicians and employees who volunteer throughout the region.

Looking ahead, together

As we move forward, our programs will be guided by what we hear from the community and what people in our region need. Collaboration with partners who believe in good health for all will bring smarter, sustainable solutions with greater impact. And we’ll make even more impact by innovating with technology and social solutions to transform how our communities thrive. Together, we can make healthy communities happen.