Community engagement and volunteerism

Community engagement and volunteerism

We believe that being engaged in communities across the region enables us to better care for people’s health. Our community engagement efforts seek to strengthen the vital work of community-based organizations and promote goodwill within the community. We know that when we listen and share stories and ideas, we can bring about innovative solutions to the challenges we face.

Kaiser Permanente Northwest employees, physicians, and dentists are actively involved in giving back and shaping their communities for the better. Our programs give staff members opportunities to connect to the causes they care about and to get involved — be it through annual giving campaigns, volunteerism, nationally recognized days of community service, or leadership on the board of a community-based organization.

Here are the primary ways that our staff is engaged in community work:

Kaiser Permanente Cares volunteer program

We have a vision of making volunteerism proliferate among our staff across the Northwest. Through volunteerism, we help community organizations better meet their resource needs, and our employees reap the personal benefits of being involved in their community. The KP Cares website provides employees information about myriad volunteer opportunities; ongoing notifications of volunteer opportunities that fit their profile; opportunities to lead volunteer activities; and the ability to invite other colleagues, family, and friends to join them in volunteering.

Kaiser Permanente Gives — Volunteer Grant Program

We are proud of our employees, physicians, and dentists who volunteer in communities where they live and work. To show our support, Kaiser Permanente Northwest established the KP Gives — Volunteer Grant Program. This program provides limited grants to select nonprofit organizations to which Kaiser Permanente Northwest employees and clinicians are highly engaged; alignment with Community Health priorities and strategies is also required. Learn more about the KP Gives – Volunteer Grant Program qualifying criteria, submission deadlines, and online application.

Kaiser Permanente Community Giving Campaign

Each fall, Kaiser Permanente Northwest employees can maximize personal donations to community organizations through the Kaiser Permanente Community Giving Campaign. Private donations to any local, regional, national, or international nonprofit organization of the employee’s choosing are matched with company dollars. In recent years, our employees have raised more than $1 million annually for community organizations in need. Employees can log in to the secure donation website year-round to check the status of their donations.