Improving community conditions

Improving community conditions

Our surroundings and our circumstances in life have a lot to do with our health. At Kaiser Permanente, we are working to improve the conditions for health and equity in our community by addressing the root causes of health, such as economic opportunity, healthy neighborhoods, affordable housing, and safe and supportive schools and educational opportunities. These improvements grow from our collaboration with community residents and partner organizations to codesign and cocreate solutions that truly make a positive impact.

Economic opportunity

At Kaiser Permanente, we strive to transform the way we do business to more intentionally and effectively support inclusive local economic opportunity as a core underlying driver of health.

Healthy neighborhoods

Where we live can have a substantial impact on our prospects for long-term health. We have a greater chance at being healthy when we are surrounded by healthy foods, safe places to be active, and social networks to strengthen and support us.

Kaiser Permanente believes in the power of investing in healthy places and neighborhoods. We work collectively with public and private organizations to create more active, sustainable, and socially cohesive communities.

Housing security

Housing and health are inextricably connected. Kaiser Permanente Northwest is leading the way through investments and innovations that seek to address the ever-growing affordable housing crisis in our region to ensure that all people can have access to a safe and stable home.

Health career scholarships and learning

Investing in the academic success of students, particularly those from diverse and low-income backgrounds, is an investment in the future health of communities.

Through our work in schools and our support for college and career readiness, we are supporting economic opportunity in our communities by giving people the skills, knowledge, and access to higher education that will sustain them throughout their lives.

Educational Theatre

Celebrating 35 years of service, Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre has inspired and empowered millions of students and adults in communities across the United States to make healthy choices. Educational Theatre offers a wide range of award-winning theatrical productions and interactive workshops to schools and community organizations at no cost throughout the areas Kaiser Permanente serves.

Currently, there are 3 programs available in every Kaiser Permanente region:

  • The Password,” a social-emotional health program for grades 3 to 6
  • Ghosted,” a mental health and wellness program for grades 9 to 12
  • RISE UP,” a mental health and resilience professional development program for school staff

Learn more or request a program by visiting the Educational Theatre website.

Thriving Schools

Schools are an important focal point for enacting policies and practices that lead to better health. Good health boosts educational success and educational success leads to better lifelong health, employment, earning potential, and self-confidence.

Kaiser Permanente Thriving Schools is our all-in engagement to improve health for students, staff, and teachers. Our vision is that every community can count on their school as a champion for good health that enables great learning.

Kaiser Permanente Northwest is particularly proud of the work that we are accomplishing in our schools:

  • Supporting students, staff, and teachers by addressing their physical, emotional, and social well-being
  • Augmenting partnerships between schools, businesses, and community-based organizations
  • Improving opportunities for healthy eating and physical activity in school
  • Creating a school environment of inclusion, resilience, and healing
  • Reducing chronic absenteeism

Learn more on the Thriving Schools website.