We support events and partnerships with Colorado organizations that align with our mission and support community health and vibrancy.

Sponsorships are limited to organizations serving Colorado’s Front Range. To be considered for funding, organizations can email sponsorship requests to communityco@kp.org. Please include all relevant information including dates, sponsorship levels, benefits, and fair market value (if available). Sponsorship requests may take up to 6 weeks to review.

We do not sponsor:

  • Organizations lacking a nondiscrimination policy
  • Events or programs related to political campaigns or political action committees
  • Events or programs that are religious, denominational, or sectarian in purpose
  • Individual fundraising or requests that benefit an individual, family, or private group (personal donations, booster clubs, team sponsorships, travel expenses)
  • Donations or support for general-appeal campaigns, endowments, or memorials
  • Health care research
  • Individual school-affiliated events, groups, or programs (all school support is done through individual school foundations or at the district level)
  • National conferences
  • Golf tournaments
  • Advertising activities
  • Capital campaigns (buildings, expansions, remodels)

If you have questions, please email communityco@kp.org.