Community health grantmaking

Community health grantmaking

Through commitments and partnerships with charitable and community-based organizations we improve community health by addressing health disparities and public health issues in low-income, underserved, and at-risk communities.

To best serve our communities, we regularly evaluate how we support community health and how we work with our partners in the community. As a result, grantmaking is currently by invitation only.

Areas of focus

Our grantmaking is informed by Kaiser Permanente’s national community health areas of focus and our Colorado Community Health Needs Assessment, which we conduct every 3 years.

Kaiser Permanente’s national community health areas of focus include:

Picture of health

Our work is influenced by our heritage of prevention and health promotion. We believe that good health is a fundamental right shared by everyone.

Good health for the entire community requires equity, and social and economic well-being. By looking at the full picture of health, we’re not just providing health care — we’re tackling real-world challenges to ultimately create better health outcomes for more people.