Community Health Needs Assessments

Community Health Needs Assessments

2022 Community Health Needs Assessments and Implementation Strategies

Every 3 years, Kaiser Permanente conducts Community Health Needs Assessments, which guide and inform Kaiser Permanente’s investments and business decisions. They are a critical tool for identifying and measuring community needs and assets, which lets us better tailor our engagement with communities and use our organizational resources to further community health at every opportunity.

The Community Health Needs Assessments and development of Implementation Strategies are driven by a commitment to improving health equity and are intended to be transparent, rigorous, and collaborative. The CHNA use local data, information from the Community Health Data Platform, and input from the community to help us understand our communities’ needs and the best way to respond to them. The CHNA also provide information and data on how social drivers of health — including financial opportunity, income and employment, housing, food, and transportation — affect communities.

Kaiser Permanente developed the accompanying Implementation Strategy reports, which demonstrate how Kaiser Permanente will respond to the health needs identified by the CHNA.

We welcome feedback on these assessments. For more information or to provide feedback on any of the CHNA reports, please email