June 16, 2015

Firing up your health — World War II style

As history progresses, we learn some things. It used to be that cigarette smoking was not only common, it was even promoted by advertising agencies using physicians as spokesmen. We know better now. But these two World War II vintage artifacts, recently donated to the Kaiser Permanente archives by retired physician John Igo, MD, are a reminder of that earlier normal.

vintage matchbook that promotes the Richmond Field Hospital

The matchbook above promotes the Richmond Field Hospital. The other below depicts the flagship hospital in Oakland, which was across the street from Oakland’s new facility. The logo is a short-lived variant of the one used for the Permanente Metals Corporation that built ships for the U.S. Maritime Commission, featuring three ship prows.

These days, of course, smoking is prohibited in all Kaiser Permanente facilities.

vintage matchbook that promotes the flagship hospital in Oakland