Our commitment to labor remains strong

Our commitment to labor remains strong

The Labor Management Partnership has worked well for so long because it brings together workers, managers, and physicians at all levels of the organization. But like any partnership, over more than 20 years we realized that the world around us is changing, and to make sure the Labor Management Partnership remains relevant and works for everyone, it needs to change too. What doesn’t change? Kaiser Permanente’s steadfast commitment to labor, and to labor management partnership.

We are proud of the results we have achieved for Kaiser Permanente members, patients, and customers — and for our workforce — through our Labor Management Partnership. And we are committed to strengthening and growing our partnership in the future.

What you should know:

Kaiser Permanente is committed to partnership

There is a new labor management partnership agreement and we are excited that 22 unions have signed it. This agreement is based on trust, mutual respect, and cooperation to benefit our patients, members, customers, and employees. We hope all of the unions that represent Kaiser Permanente employees will agree to join in partnership because a strong partnership links Kaiser Permanente’s success with our employees’ and unions’ success. But we honor each union’s choice as to whether it works in partnership with Kaiser Permanente, and we are committed to working productively with all unions.

Our improved Partnership Agreement continues all of the prior benefits and obligations, plus:

  • We will ensure employees enjoy a free-to-speak environment at Kaiser Permanente.
  • We will promote each others’ mutual success.
  • We will continue to respect unions’ ability to communicate with the employees they represent, and to prepare for robust engagement during bargaining.

Kaiser Permanente is bargaining in good faith

Kaiser Permanente has been and continues to be at the bargaining table with unions across our regions. We are committed to fulfilling all of our bargaining obligations and bargaining in good faith.

Kaiser Permanente is also growing and adding jobs in hundreds of categories.


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