500 U.S. schools address stress and trauma

The Resilience in School Environments — RISE — initiative focuses on the wellness of teachers and school employees to help the nation’s students thrive.

ACEs, or adverse childhood experiences, are traumatic events that can affect a child’s ability to function well into adulthood. Kaiser Permanente is partnering with Alliance for a Healthier Generation and Discovery Education to provide access to an array of resources to support the health and wellness of teachers and school employees, so they can better support their students’ mental health and foster more positive school environments.

The RISE initiative allows schools to choose a customized set of offerings that best suits their specific needs, including on-site coaching by program managers, customized virtual tools, and other online learning modules at no cost.

As of November 2019, more than 500 schools in 30 states were using RISE resources to guide their activities, and the goal is to reach more than 25,000 schools nationwide by 2023.

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