Reinventing medical education

at the Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine

When the Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine opens in 2020, we’ll do more than teach students our approach to delivering high-quality, affordable care — we’ll lead the charge to change medical education in the United States.

Built and developed from the ground up, the school of medicine will use the latest, proven educational approaches to develop a state-of-the-art school.

Students will skip the traditional lecture-type course and see patients in their first year. They will become familiar with the innovative practices we apply and the advanced technologies we use in our own medical centers.

But we’re going beyond the practice of medicine: We’ll also show our students how to be active leaders in their fields and champions in their communities. We’ll strive to bring together classes of students that reflect many diverse communities, because the people we provide health care to come from all backgrounds.

And to encourage anyone with the talent to be a doctor to apply, we’re waiving tuition for all 4 years of medical education for the first 5 graduating classes of students.

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