Each year 1 in 5 adults experience a mental health condition

A Kaiser Permanente executive shares his personal story about living with a mental health condition, receiving help, and overcoming stigma, shame, and silence.

Each year 20% of adults experience a mental health condition but less than half get the help they need.

Adam Nemer is on a mission to change that.

After 2 shocking events, Adam had daily bouts of depression, anxiety, and panic attacks — but the stigma surrounding talking about his mental health prevented him from seeking help. He woke up one day in excruciating physical pain due to his psychological suffering, so he called Kaiser Permanente’s employee assistance program and began his therapeutic journey. He now finds purpose in his life by sharing what he’s learned with others. He believes he has a moral obligation to help other people see the light and remove the shame and discrimination surrounding mental health conditions.

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