Carbon neutral by 2020

We’re leading the fight against climate change

Kaiser Permanente signed an agreement that will fund construction of solar and wind farms, and one of the country's largest battery storage systems.

Today, we're on track to become carbon neutral — this means balancing our release of carbon dioxide with offsetting measures — by 2020.

Since 2016, when Kaiser Permanente announced ambitious environmental goals, achievements include:

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emission by 29 percent
  • Reduced water usage by 12 percent
  • Opened California's first LEED Platinum hospital in San Diego
  • Hosted California's first hospital-based renewable microgrid
  • Issued $1 billion in "green bonds" to fund LEED building projects

But our work continues: By 2025, we will be carbon positive, reduce water use by 25 percent, and buy all food locally or from sustainable producers.

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