Why a health care organization is tackling homelessness

Kaiser Permanente is leading multiple efforts to address homelessness and affordable housing because safe, stable housing is key to health.

When people struggle with high housing costs, they can have trouble paying for food and medical care. And without a place to live, it’s nearly impossible for a person to take care of basic health needs.

The numbers tell a bleak story. Chronic homelessness can cut 27 years from a person’s life, and overall death rates among people experiencing chronic homelessness are 3 to 4 times that of the general population.

At Kaiser Permanente, we are leading efforts to address these issues on multiple fronts including: investing up to $200 million in affordable housing; working with our partner, Community Solutions, in 23 of our communities to end chronic and veteran homelessness; and partnering with Bay Area Community Services to find housing for 515 aging, homeless individuals in Oakland.

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